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Digital Advertising | Sage Design GroupHow do you get in front of your audience, engage your market and persuade customers to take action? Advertising messages and strategies that attract public attention through various media that promote your product or service help drive consumer behavior to your offering. Give your prospects a compelling reason to do business with you.

Consumer buying patterns are constantly changing and they no longer uphold the same brand loyalty they once had. Technology and the internet have given people more freedom and flexibility to shop around and compare prices, quality and services for the best deals. Advertising helps you stay in front of your existing customers and attract new ones while guiding them through the decision making process.


Traditional Magazine Advertising

There’s a lot of planning when developing an advertising campaign. Your advertising concept is not just about what layout, colors, fonts, images or copy you use. It’s about the message and expectation that gets created about your product and brand that gets played in the audience’s mind. Think about the impression you want to make and consider the demographic makeup of your target market. What may be appealing to one market segment may not be for another.


Advertising and the Consumer Buying Decision Journey

Everyone loves the old “marketing funnel” (aka “advertising funnel”). It’s been used since 1898 to understand the mindset of consumer purchasing behaviors. The traditional model included five stages of the different psychological states of the consumer during the buying process: from Awareness to Consideration, to Preference, to the Transaction, to Loyalty.
Marketing and Sales Funnel | Sage Design Group

  • Awareness (of the product or brand)
  • Consideration (thinking about a purchase)
  • Preference (for a specific product or brand)
  • Transaction or Action (making the actual purchase)
  • Loyalty (furthering the relationship and repeat purchases)
  • Advocacy (recommend and promote the product or brand)

Today, the connected world and social media has transformed the funnel to include “Advocacy”. Happy customers love to share, recommend and promote a business with an internalized sense of loyalty to the brand – turning customers and their network into a powerful marketing resource.

We now live in a data-driven and connected economy. In this data-connected world, customer relationship management (CRM) spans database-driven emails, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and numerous networks of online communities. Advocacy, in turn, feeds back into the customer network effecting the very top down through each stage of the funnel – showing up in search results, product and business reviews, blogs, Facebook “likes”, links, retweets, and social buzz.

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