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Sage Design Group wants to be the go-to-place for ideas that help CREATE, INSPIRE and GROW profitable businesses through meaningful human connections.”

Annette C. Sage
Owner / Founder / CEO 

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Sage Design Group
Advertising and Marketing Services


So you've got a product or service. Now what? How do you raise awareness of what you have to offer? Let Sage Design Group help develop a holistic marketing strategy that targets your market to grow your customer base and increase sales for the success of your business.


How do you get in front of your audience, engage your market and persuade customers to take action? Advertising messages and strategies created by Sage Design Group attract attention to promote your product or service to help drive consumer behavior to your offering.


What name, image, term or value does your audience connect with? What sets you apart from your competitors? Sage Design Group can help you develop a strong brand identity or image that will help you connect with your audience and reinforces your USP.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still rated as the top low-cost way to build relationships, loyalty and trust with your audience. Sage Design Group's email marketing strategies and tactics allow you to broadcast your message and engage with targeted, segmented users.

Social Media

Social media marketing should be a part of your marketing tool kit. Social media has earned its place as being a crucial element of your marketing mix. Social networking has changed the way people communicate and the way businesses interact and engage with their target audience.

Content Marketing

Why does content marketing play such an important role in your marketing strategy? Besides the SEO benefits and traffic to your website, Sage Design Group's content marketing tactics drive consumer engagement and establishes the credibility of your brand.

Creative Solutions to Grow Your Business

Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not dead and is still very alive and should continue to be part of your overall marketing strategy. Search engines are continuously evolving. Sage Design Group uses proven SEO strategies and tactics that help you get found.

Public Relations

Sage Design Group's public relations (PR) strategies can be one of the cost-effective marketing tactics used to grow your business. If properly implemented at the right time, effective PR results in long-lasting relationships, credibility and trustworthiness of your brand.

Consulting + Advising

Sage Design Group will work with you to get the maximum exposure for your marketing dollars by creating a tailor made marketing plan specific to your business. Our goal is to help your business grow using tactics that have been proven to achieve desired results.

Graphic Design

What does your visual brand say about your organization? Good graphic design is essential to your image and effectively communicating your message. Sage Design Group's compelling graphic designs get attention, informs, entertains and persuades people to take action.

Website Design

Every business needs a website. Whether you’re a local small business or a billion dollar franchise, your market demands it. People begin their purchasing decisions by doing research on the internet. Sage Design Group can help you create a website that provides 24/7 access to information about your business.

Presentation Design

Whether a keynote speaker, startup pitching to investors or sales pro trying to close the big deal, Sage Design Group's attractive and responsive presentations can make all the difference in the world. A professionally designed presentation results in greater engagement and persuasion.

Sage Design Group Art Supplies

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what people say...

In addition to being a great team player, Annette is talented and full of initiative and creative ideas. She has a can-do attitude and gets things done. Annette was a major contributor to the growth of She brings her experience, expertise and many talents to the table that deliver results.

I highly recommend her.
Zev Posner
It was great working with Annette! We were extremely happy with her professionalism as well as her creativity and skills!
Isabell von Alvensleben
Business Owner, Mother, Chords2cure

Annette's photography is that of subtle detail. Her creations will no doubt inspire and enlighten.
Mihad Ali
Writer, Entrepreneur
She knows her stuff, has a nicely balanced creative and technical mind, and is always great to work with.
Jason Romrell
Attorney, Counsel Right
Branding for Startups and Small Businesses - Annette C. Sage, CEO - Sage Design Group

Branding for Startups and Small Businesses

There’s a misconception that branding is solely for established businesses with huge marketing budgets. Quite the contrary. Small businesses and Startups are the ones who need a strong brand strategy to remain competitive in a crowded market.

Using the Psychology of Color in Your Marketing - Annette Sage, CEO - Sage Design Group

Using the Psychology of Color in Your Marketing

Color is the core of a brand. Brands strive to cultivate strong emotional connections with their customers. Understanding consumers’ cognitive biases allows marketing psychology and color psychology to predict buyer behavior.

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas - Sage Design Group - Annette Sage, CEO

Innovative + Sustainable Packaging

Initial perceptions endure, and you typically only have a few seconds to attract the attention of a potential consumer or buyer while occupying shelf space. Your product packaging is the first thing people see. Let's get the creative juices flowing.


about us

Creative Solutions to Grow Your Business™

Our VISION: Sage Design Group wants to be the go-to-place for ideas that help CREATE, INSPIRE and GROW profitable businesses through meaningful human connections. We strive to foster results oriented communication campaigns to enhance our client’s image, improve their sales and maximize their ROI.

Our STORY: Sage Design Group is an advertising agency founded in 2005 by Art Director and Marketing Expert Annette C. Sage, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Its advertising philosophy takes the traditional marketing funnel and integrates advocacy to keep up with today’s interconnected economy.

Our GOALS: Sage Design Group’s goal is to create positive awareness of your company – locally, regionally or in the worldwide marketplace. We work to enhance profitability and grow your customer base. Sage Design Group can assist you in creating a brand identity that will give you a competitive edge and open doors to greater business opportunities.

Annette C. Sage

Owner / Founder / CEO

Sage Design Group was founded by Creative/Art Director and Marketing Expert Annette C. Sage, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry in various  leadership roles. Annette’s areas of expertise are in Advertising and Marketing, Lead Generation, Small Business Development and Identity Branding. Annette has helped Entrepreneurs grow billion dollar brands.

Annette is also an award winning Photographer and Advertising Designer who has been featured in publications and art gallery exhibitions. Her educational background includes Associates Degrees in both Commercial Art and Photography, a BA in Visual Communications and an MBA in International Marketing. She also taught Multimedia at ITT Technical Institute.

Throughout the years, Annette has worked, networked and consulted with many industry leaders and has made strategic alliances with top professionals. Annette is an asset to any team bringing her experience and multi-talents to the table.

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